Accepting A Small Dick

Most people know that although excessive drinking is not exclusive to the Irish, they do engage in it with great pride and vigor. Fighting and throwing up are hallmarks of excessive Irish drinking.

Alcoholism is not something to kid around about and the most intelligent scientists have wondered for years why people drink to excess. Some drink over guilt and shame, but let’s get more specific. Being Irish myself, I know many men who drink not to loosen up or to take the edge off, but rather because they are feeling guilty about something.

The Irish had been indoctrinated with strict religious upbringings for the longest of time and it has confused them when it comes to sex and sexuality. But let’s dig even deeper to the heart of the matter. My ex-girlfriend told me I had the “Irish curse” when we were together about a year. I was 25 at the time and was unsure of what she meant. She told me that I go out every Friday and Saturday and embarrass her by drinking too much and talking loudly and getting into fistfights, when she and I knew the harsh reality that I was not tough. She said this was true of all of my Irish friends, as well.

I knew that deep down I was not a tough guy, but a scared little boy. I also had no idea how to relate to a woman and here’s why: She explained it to me by using an illustration of sorts. My girlfriend, Lina, (of Italian descent) simply pulled down my pants and began singing the Peggy Lee song, “Is That All There Is Is That All There Is.” This was indeed the reason why I was drinking so heavily.

I was jealous of all the guys I would see in the locker room particularly Italian guys and I needed to have something that made me feel more like a man. The drink was the answer. I felt guilty over strict Catholicism, and needed something to cover up those feelings of guilt and inadequacy, which were both real and imagined. The drink was the answer. But it really was not the answer, no, all along it was the problem.

Thankfully, I met Paula. She told me to relax and accept my itty, bitty cock. She taught me not to overstep my bounds and to readily admit to woman that my cock was useless and that all I could do was lick pussy, ass and suck other men’s cocks. So I invite all of you other small dicks to join me, pull down your pants right now and admit you are small and pathetic. Go look for some good pussy to lick or a large cock to suck. Unmask yourself of your fake tough-guy attitude, it’s hopeless. Do as Paula says and follow this powerful, beautiful woman no matter what.