As you know I go to New York and when I go I normally play and toy with bunnie or hunny bunnie whichever you wish to call him.

Bunnie is Miss Sandra’s housemate, a few months ago while I was there if you follow my blog in anyway then you know that bunnie drove his wheelchair off the curb and broke his hip. Then I went back about 30 days later and bunnie had no idea I was arriving, it was a surprise for him. And surprised he was… He beamed like a kid at Christmas!! Well bunnie enjoys serving me as much as he can. He enjoys when I sit on his face for an hour or two…. and I make sure that I enjoy it as well. Since his fall and broken hip he is having trouble and was still suffering some discomfort so this last trip I thought we would play in an enitre new way… LOL I am going to begin posting some video’s of bunnie torment that he was forced to endure to make me happy this trip.

Now by all means realize this is the first time I used the Flip viedo recorder… and I wasn’t the best at it by any means however you will get the just of it all, and what I did to poor bunnie.

Bunnies torment