Shhhhhh…. its a secret , isn’t it? Didn’t we talk that it would be “our” dirty little secret? Oh we talked it would be our little secret alright, but you didn’t really believe that did you? I mean, cum on Honey did you think that for years I have been setting you up to keep those dirty little secrets? Ohhh you really did believe that did you? YOU mean you really believed me and all those lies I told you about how anything you shared with me would be between you and I … no one else would ever know?

I bet this is cumming as quite a shock to you then isn’t it?? That after 8 years of sharing things, real life stuff, thinking that I would never use any of this stuff against you?? What a BLOW that must be… To know that I can blast your life right out of the water, expose you and your kinks, LOL with the push of a few buttons, showing personal info, hi-jacking websites, ruining your business, your name, your life, exposing some pictures of you and your kinks… SMDH well Dummy it is TIME to pay attention!! Because the Games over, Now the real fun begins!!!