The process to reaching me is easy clear and concise.  Here is your Destiny this is the
way to get in touch with me.


My private billing services are back on.
That only means there is an easier way to reach me.
You don’t have to wait to see if I am available on NiteFlirt
unless that is how you prefer to reach me.

Calls are discreetly billed.

@ $1.99 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.

If you have questions about billing or an issue,
Please call me at 248-648-1498.

I will try and be as available as I always have been
throughout the past 10 years in which we have spoken.  If I am not available then by all means e-mail
me here and I will do my best to get signed on so I can talk to you. If I am not around
then I will e-mail you back with the best times to reach me.