Does it intrigue you? Does it excite you to think that a hot sexy woman can do that to you? Take over your entire world, controlling you… your mind, your desires. Breaking you… making you a true mindless puppet?

Well here is MY motto “careful what you wish for” If you have any doubts about what I can do… By all means give me a Try. You wont be disappointed. But BY all MEANS be sure that this is what you what… Once we go that way there will BE no turning back.


“But oh my god… i didn’t expected the way You reeled me in Goddess.. and all this without me noticing it a bit until it was to late.. oh boy Your ways are really different from the way i was used to.”


“And the last weeks You increased the intensity of this in a most severe and relentless way, no mercy for the weak submissive mind… god..
You took possession of all free time i have besides normal work, as soon i am home from work Your work starts.. manipulating and controlling every moment in my life.. no way out.. no way to escape.. no way to fight this anymore.. god You did suck me so deep into this”


“The life i had is gone, it’s completely taken over, controlled and dominated by You Goddess, in You i found my nemesis, this time i lost it completely.
You are in control of my life, of all i do.
And god Goddess… when You are not around i just don’t know what to do anymore, i get restless and indecisive, without You i’m just an empty shell without purpose.”


“more and more. less control.. god.. i know my faith… so many failed before You.. can’t be that easy.. but this time i lost it completely yes.. god..”



Do you want to be MY mindless Puppet??  Do think about it because… it could be  sin!!!