That’s what you see when you look into my eyes. Why, because I’m violent? No. Because I might hurt you? No. Because I have something against you? Of course not. Then what is it?

I’m dangerous because you look into my eyes and you see that I might be everything you could ever want in a woman. I’m dangerous because you know if you give in to the invitation in these eyes your life will never be the same again. I’m dangerous because inside these eyes there are no rules, nothing is out of bounds, there is no line I will not cross, there is nothing to check your desires or your imagination. Every dirty, raunchy, nasty, shameful, sweet, sensual, loving, romantic, perverted, deviant fantasy you can think of – it’s all happening right here. There are no limits. You look into these eyes and you see that which everybody thinks they want but which is feared most of all…

Yes, you know what I’m talking about don’t you? Don’t look into your heart, big boy, let your hand slide down into your crotch. You’ll find what I’m talking about there. Think about it: freedom from responsibilities, freedom from limitations, freedom from expectations, freedom from inhibitions, from convictions, from judgment…it’s all gone. All that petty, mundane bullshit that you rail against on one hand but you secretly hold on to like a child holding on to his mother’s skirt…none of that will save you here. All those excuses you have for not being the man you want to be, for not living the life you want to live – none of that shit counts for a goddamn thing. You look into my eyes and you know…we understand each other. I know everything about you. I know all those dirty little secrets that you hide from the women and children and the boys at work. Most terrifying of all, I know how to make them all come true. You look into my eyes and you know that all those fantasies that are just too crazy to ever happen…they could happen. You look into my eyes and you know that desire you thought you’d never say out loud…you’re going to say it. That fantasy you thought you’d never do…you’re going to do it. And you’re thinking about how I’m going to look when you’re saying it and doing it. That’s right. That woman you thought you would never have…you’re going to have her. I’m going to perform your every whim. I’m going to teach you things about yourself you never knew… or never told anyone. You look into my eyes and you think about them staring up at you with my mouth around your cock, sliding up and down, leaving you glistening and throbbing and hard as a re-bar…You think about me looking at you while my tongue is swirling around the head of your penis, then coating the shaft with a thick layer of warm wet saliva before I take you down again all the way to the back of my throat, until your balls are literally resting on my chin. I take you there and I keep you there and you’d swear you’re suspended above the earth. Freedom? I mean like freedom from the fucking law of gravity baby, anything and everything can happen. You think about those eyes looking at you in ecstatic supplication as I hang from the ceiling in my harness, my legs helplessly spread apart so that you can have your way. You think about these eyes looking over my shoulder at you, while these bountiful tits heave back and forth, as you penetrate my soft, round ass on your cock and just take what is rightfully yours. Seriously, think about this: what if all of your deepest, darkest, wildest fantasies actually came true?

Why would such a thing happen? How could such a thing happen? Accident? Mistake? Penance? Because I’m a public servant? Okay, I am in a manner of speaking. But that’s not why I’m here. The reason why all these fantasies and many, many more are possible is because…

They’re my fantasies too.

That’s right, baby. This is not some bizarre act of philanthropy turned upside down. I know all these things, do all these things, can be all these things and more besides, because these are my fantasies as well, my desires, my wants, my needs. Look at this mouth, look at these tits. I could tell you stories about where this mouth has been – and I will. These breasts are bad girl breasts. They were created solely for sin. See them pushing against my top? See the nipples aching to be freed from their flimsy constraint? What do you think they want? Your mouth, sugar, your teeth, your tongue, your lips, your hands, your cock thrusting and throbbing between them. They want – I want – you, yes you, to teach me a whole new lesson. Discover me. Fuck me into oblivion. Make me pay the price for all the doubters.

You didn’t know, did you? You didn’t know that today was your lucky day, that everything was going to happen so suddenly, that your ship was finally going to come in. How could you be so lucky? My god, you are only a phone call away, literally only seconds away from not just ecstasy honey, but revelation. It’s all true. There is a God, look at these breasts. There is a devil, look into my eyes. There is a Paradise. It’s right here between my legs, baby, and you have the keys to the kingdom. Don’t you understand? It’s not about luck. It’s destiny. You and I were meant to find each other, to feed each other, to fuck each other, to need each other. I am serious as a heart attack when I say that I’ve been waiting all of my life for a man like you. But I didn’t just wait. I was proactive. I put up this site, my net, my web to entice you, my lover, not just the man of my dreams…the man in my dreams — to cum to me at last. Call me – now! – stop teasing me, you bastard. I want everything you’ve got to give and I’m going to get it the old fashioned way:

I’m going to earn it.